Rick Ryder

 mystery series

Sylva, NC

."Rick Ryder is a busy man, and each job seems to get him in deeper trouble. Wilson's characters and attention to detail give a twisty plot satisfying depth." Alice Sabo, author of White Lies and Unitended Consequences.

" . . . like Robert Parker or John McDonald . . . Wilson captures the environment of North Carolina like James Lee Burke does the delta.   Paul D, reader, on Amazon.


Approaching his office on Sunday morning, the environmental lawyer and investigator is greeted by the strobing lights of emergency and police vehicles -- and the body of a naked stripper. The police quickly tage Rick for the young woman's murder. Trying to find out for himself what's happening to his life, he soon discovers suspicious links between illegal tree-cutting on National Forest land and a tawdry nightclub. Battling his own alcoholism and powerful political forces, his investigations go into overtime, both to root out the true source of corruption ... and to clear his own name.

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